Your CRM is Wrong

Getting CRM Wrong

Another Microsoft partner, who we are friends with, has built a practice around the slogan “Getting CRM Right”. Basically, the slogan acknowledges the known fact that CRM is seldom “Right”. This slogan got us thinking about some things our team is seeing in the marketplace.

A Great Big Test

If your CRM is “Wrong” and the odds are high that it is, instead of being upset about that, you should think of it as a great big test. There is wisdom in “Wrong”! Imagine if you had a “do-over”, you would clearly do things a lot differently with that “Wisdom”.

A couple of times a week we have a RapidStart CRM inquiry from someone wanting a fresh start. Their Dynamics 365 or deployment went off the rails at some point; the users hate it and so they won’t use it. Sound familiar?

Do Overs

How cool would it be to have a “Do Over” button that would instantly reverse that decision you made to pass on that “Apple” stock decades ago? Unfortunately, that button does not exist, but you can push an imaginary button to start over on CRM. After all, you did embark on this path for a reason, and although it has not panned out, the reason is probably still there. 

The Big Pill

One of the reasons companies press on with a bad CRM is their unwillingness to acknowledge that they wasted a bunch of time and money putting it in place. The very idea of chucking it all and starting over is a huge pill to swallow. They don’t as often think about the time and money continuing to be wasted every day in a CRM that is not only hated by the users but is failing to meet any of the original objectives. Still sounding familiar?

Why RapidStart CRM?

Okay, you caught us, even if you hit the “Do Over” and rebuilt on the same solution that is failing you today, you would have a better result due to what you learned from failure. So why take this opportunity and do it with RapidStart CRM instead?

For one thing, it would be easier to blame the prior solution, if you moved off of it. Even better if the person who initiated the CRM was no longer there, “that guy was an idiot!” But kidding aside, it would also be easier to overcome the user skepticism of relaunching the “new and improved” old thing.

RapidStart CRM includes the basics you need for foundational CRM, but we do not assume to know your particular business needs. Those one-size-fits-all assumptions made by your previous solution provider’s product may even have contributed to your issues. What you do know now are the many things that did not work for you, and the few things that actually did. You can rapidly apply that wisdom to RapidStart CRM and be back on your originally hoped for path in no time. And where Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise starts at $95/user/month, and Salesforce even more, RapidStart CRM is free and runs on a Microsoft Power Apps license for as low as $5/user/month.

Look! Your ROI is manifesting as you read this!

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