Working with RapidStart CRM Data Using Excel Online

To demonstrate how you can easily customize RapidStart CRM to meet your needs, we created this “Tips and Tricks” Series. In this series we will outline some simple-to-perform solutions to common things customers ask about RapidStart CRM. Enjoy!

Excel Online

Did you know that Excel online is directly integrated into RapidStart CRM? In this post, we’ll show you how to use this feature to manipulate data. We’ll start by opening a view in RapidStart CRM, for example, Cases.


(1) Select the “Export to Excel” dropdown
(2) Select “Open in Excel Online”


Here we can see the same view of records in Excel Online. We can use any of the features of Excel Online to manipulate this data, then save it back to RapidStart CRM.

This opens the same view you are looking at when launched. So, if you need a column that is not shown, add it to the view, or create a new view following the in-app documentation.

Let’s say, we want to deprioritize any High Priority cases where the status is “Waiting for Customer”. First, we will apply some filtering to this view.


(1) Select the dropdown arrow next to the column header
(2) Change the filter to “High”
We will also filter Case Status to “Waiting for Customer”


We have nine cases that meet our filters


After editing the Priority Field, we click Save.


The Import Data dialog appears, but this should only take a minute, so we can just close and refresh the screen to see the changes.


So, this very simple example could have been accomplished directly in the view by filtering and selecting edit. But there are more advanced things we could have done, like formulas, summing columns, or even adding rows directly to be imported. In many cases, this is a much quicker way to import data.

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the Free Support Forum.

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