There is no App for That

When it comes to Business Applications, Microsoft has a lot of options for you. If you are running a sophisticated Sales organization, they have an app for that. If you need to be able to manage your field crews and their schedules, they have an app for that. Customer Service, Project Management, Marketing… they have apps for those too. But what if your needs don’t fit into any of these?


There are a myriad of business processes that are unique to you. They are what make you unique, and may provide your competitive advantage. Or, if not for competitive advantage, there are still things that need to be done to keep your machine churning. When you look across the first-party offerings from Microsoft, you may struggle to figure out which one is closest to your unique needs. Like porridge, either too big, or too small, but nothing that is “Just right”. You find yourself… App-less. But there is still hope!

Power Apps

One of the tools in the Microsoft toolbox, that you may have dismissed as “too small”, is Power Apps. Why might you have concluded that this is too small? Because PowerApps doesn’t do anything by itself. It sits on the Dataverse Service, which also does not have much in it. It is part of the Power Platform that also includes Microsoft Flow and Power BI, neither of which do anything themselves either. Clearly, they don’t do what you need… yet.


Platform is a rather ominous and vague term. Similar to chassis, the thing your car is built on. But unlike a car chassis, the Power Platform comes with the basics like doors, seats, motor, etc. It may not have the number of doors you need, or be in the colors you want, but the foundational parts are there. From this foundation, a “tech-savvy” person can build an “App for That”… eventually.


Knowing that you can actually build your “App for That”, and finding the time to learn and do it, are two different things. We find many businesses want their unique “App for That”, but don’t want to actually build it from whole cloth themselves. This is where an accelerator like RapidStartCRM can help. We have extended the platform to a logical next point, a basic, but usable application. It can actually do things right out of the gate. We have created a better “starting point” for building your “App for That”. From there, you can get to your goal in much less time.

Extending an Accelerator

While a much higher starting point, we also know that RapidStartCRM is not your “App for That”… yet. How could it be, your needs are unique! This is why 95% of users engage with us to help them mold RapidStartCRM into their “App for That”. Starting from our foundational app, we are able to make your very specific “App for That” surprisingly fast, on average saving 66% of the time, which equates directly to a lower cost.

Just Right

For your “App for That” you have a few options. You can look to the First-party app that most closely meets your needs, and work with a partner to mold it from there. We often find that 80%-90% of the functionality provided in the first-party apps is not used in these cases, and in fact is hidden from your final “App for That”. Not only does that introduce a cost to hide, but you are still paying at least $95/month/user for those unused capabilities.

You can search outside of Microsoft of course for other options, but many of these, while possibly closer to your “App for That”, are still not quite right, and the level of molding capabilities may not be available. You can also consider RapidStartCRM, starting from $20/month/user, and with a relatively small non-recurring investment Now free, have us make it into exactly your “App for That”.

Enterprise Security

This is not some “start-up” platform run by who knows who, or where. RapidStartCRM was built by a Microsoft Gold Partner on Microsoft’s Power Platform, and as you would expect from a world leader in enterprise grade security, all of the deep governance, compliance and security capabilities are there. If you have Office 365, things are even better with single sign on and centralized management already in-place, RapidStartCRM shows up right in the same place because it is built on the Microsoft platform.

More Acceleration

Depending on your needs, we may have an even better head-start for you with one of our vertical accelerators. While 85% of our customers start with RapidStartCRM as the foundation to build their “App for That”, we have some verticalized versions also, and that list continues to grow. For example, RapidStartCRM Referral, where we extended our original accelerator to even more closely meet the needs of organizations who are referral based and need referral management capabilities.

Give it a Try

We know that many people don’t want to engage with a salesperson when they are just “exploring”. We have made our pricing transparent on this site, we’re not hiding behind a “Contact Us” form. For getting your hands on RapidStartCRM, we also did not want to force you to engage with a demo/sales team. We are confident in what we have, so we have made all of our accelerators available for you to try on your own. Using Microsoft’s AppSource Marketplace, we have made available a free Test Drive for each of our Apps. You can try any of them here.

Your App for That

Hopefully you can see how your dream “App for That” can become a reality, quickly and at a much lower cost than you expected. RapidStartCRM is also an excellent option to move up from unwieldy spreadsheet based business processes, into a true business application.

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