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New Release

The #1 Simple-to-use CRM on the Microsoft Power Platform evolves… sleeker, faster, simpler.

As our users know, we do not publish many significant updates for RapidStart CRM. It is already perfect! But we do continue to monitor user feedback, as well as upcoming platform updates from Microsoft. We take great care in ensuring that we do not accidentally make RapidStart CRM more complex. The entire purpose is simple-to-use and we guard that fanatically. But occasionally we see some opportunities to improve or have to make some tweaks due to Microsoft code changes. You can check out the Release Notes here for a summary of changes, but let’s take a high-level look at some enhancements.

New Sales Only and Service Only Apps

One of the common customization requests we see is removing either the service features or sales features for particular groups of users. This usually led to creating hybrid apps for a customer. This came up often enough that we decided to add these two hybrid apps to the core solution.

Blog New RapidStart 1

So now you have more options. Some users can use the full RapidStart CRM app, but maybe your Sales team only needs to work with the sales capabilities, and they can use the new RapidStart CRM Sales app. Similar to your service team. See the Sales Only app below:


As you can see, all references to Cases are removed for the Sales Only app, providing an even more simple app for your Sales Only users. Similarly, all references to Opportunities and Prospects are removed for the Service Only app. This enhancement clearly met our simple-to-use mantra.

More Quick Steps buttons

One of the most loved features of RapidStart CRM is our unique Quick Steps buttons. Designed to save you steps on the Summary page of records. In the new RapidStart CRM, we have added Quick Steps buttons to relevant tabs also.

newrs03 1

The goal is to save you even more steps, by adding Quick Step buttons to where you are at the moment. These have been added to several places throughout RapidStart CRM.


Tips and Alerts

We previously provided a few alerts in important areas. We have added a few more, and also added Tips in several places in response to user feedback.


These tips are meant to alert your users to things they may not be aware of.


We hope you agree we are keeping true to our goal with these enhancements. If you want to try the update, we strongly suggest you create a copy of your existing environment first and try it out there. You can take a Test Drive or update your RapidStart CRM from AppSource here.

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the Free Support Forum.

If you need help updating, contact Forceworks.

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