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for Dynamics 365


Are the Dynamics 365 Sales applications too big for some of your users?

Let’s face it, Dynamics 365 Sales apps are very powerful. But you may have users that do not require that level of power.

We built a simple sales app, modeled on our #1 ranked RapidStart CRM, for your sales users with more basic needs.

You could reduce your licensing costs significantly for these users as our app is built to use Power Apps licenses. Our App is 100% Compliant with Microsoft licensing terms.

The RapidStart Sales App can be installed on any environment that has Dynamics 365 Sales.


D365 Sales

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RapidStart Sales for D365 Preview

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RapidStart Sales Simplified Account Form with built-in Training


RapidStart Sales Simplified Opportunity Form with built-in Training


RapidStart Sales Simplified Contact Form with built-in Training


RapidStart Sales Simplified Lead Form with built-in Training

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Still have questions?

Does this app require RapidStart CRM?

No. This is a completely seperate app, built using the same RapidStart principles, but it is designed to be installed on a Dynamics 365 Sales environment as a low-cost alternative to the Dynamics 365 Sales App(s).

What license does this app require?

This application has been specifically engineered to run on Microsoft Power Apps licenses, including Power Apps Premium @$20/pupm, Power Apps Per App Passes @$5/pupm, or Power Apps Pay as You Go.

You will not find the latter two on Microsoft’s public pricing page, as Microsoft felt it was too confusing, but you will find them in the Microsoft admin center under Billing/Purchase services.

Can we really reduce our $95 per user cost to $10?

That depends. You should closely compare our RapidStart Sales App to the Dynamics 365 Sales app. The Dynamics 365 Sales app includes many features that, in order to run compliantly on Power Apps licenses, are not part of the RapidStart Sales App for D365, like Forecasting,  Sales Accelerator components, etc. Or any “Restricted Tables” listed here. If your users, or a subset of your users, do not need these components for their specific role, then our $10 app may work fine for you.

You can create a Test Drive of our app at AppSource and compare them side-by-side.

If it looks like it will be adequate for some of your users, here’s a cost savings example.

Let’s say you currently have 100 users of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise at $95 (retail) for a total cost of $9,500/month

After review and testing with a couple of users, you determine that half of your current users could use RapidStart Sales.

Your cost for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise is reduced 50% to $4,750/month

Your cost for RapidStart Sales, including the Microsoft per app passes is $10 x 50 users = $500/month

Your new total cost is $5,250/month a savings of $4,250/month



Does this comply with Microsoft Licensing terms?

Yes. While we are using the Dynamics 365 Lead and Opportunity tables, these are not “restricted”.  We are also not including Microsoft’s unique logic,  forms, views, charts, dashboards, etc which would trigger a requirement for a full Dynamics 365 Sales license. If you need these items, you should use the Dynamics 365 Sales Licenses.

How does this comply with Microsoft Licensing terms?

While complex needle threading was required, we worked directly with Microsoft to confirm compliance. It could not have been published to Microsoft’s AppSource otherwise.

Are Leads, Opportunities, etc, Custom Tables?

No. These are the standard Dynamics 365 tables. For example, an Opportunity created in the RapidStart Sales app is available in the Dynamics 365 Sales Apps, and vice versa. 

Is Copilot available in the RapidStart Sales App?

Yes. Copilot is included! It is covered under the Power Apps license and works the same as it does in the Dynamics 365 Sales Apps.

Can this App be Customized?

Absolutely! The same way you would customize any other Dynamics 365 App.

You will need to be careful that you do not break the compliance by adding back any Microsoft-specific IP related to the Lead and Opportunity tables. For example, let’s say you liked the Assistant that is on Microsoft’s default Opportunity form. While you can technically add it to the RapidStart Opportunity form, doing so would put your users out of compliance with the license terms unless you assigned them Dynamics 365 Sales licenses.

It is also possible to add other tables that are not on the “restricted tables” list here. However, great care needs to be taken to use these tables in a compliant way.

For your custom tables, the sky is the limit!

Do we need more licenses to install on additional environments?

No. RapidStart Sales for Dynamics 365 is purchased at the tenant level and can be installed on as many environments in the same tenant as you like at no additional cost.

Can we cancel if this does not meet our needs?

You can cancel anytime in your Microsoft Admin center.

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