RapidStart CRM Project Management Addon launched

It’s Finally Here!

The most frequently requested Addon for RapidStart CRM is now available, our RapidStart CRM Project Management Addon. Like our flagship app and all of our addons, we yet again saw a need for a “simpler” solution to a common problem.


This addon solution is our most robust so far and adds a bunch of new stuff to our already excellent free RapidStart CRM. You need to do a Test Drive or Trial to experience everything, but we will cover some high points here.

We’ll start with Project Creation. You can create a new Project with a single click from any Account, Contact, or Opportunity. For most project-based companies, an Opportunity that is Won leads to a project. Many of these companies now have to leave their CRM and go to another app to build this project. Whether that project in that other app remains connected to everything? Who knows? But it is in RapidStart CRM

And it remains connected to the original Opportunity as well as all of the stakeholders.

For small projects, the Project form may be all you need. But for larger projects, you can add up to 250 Project Tasks. These Project Tasks can be assigned to any users or even external subcontractors. 

If we had stopped right here it would have been great, but we built so much more.

Project Templates

We use RapidStart CRM with the Project Management Addon in our own project-based business, so we worked to solve our own pains with this addon. One of those pains was recreating complex projects, with tons of tasks, over and over. If you look at the project form image above, you can see an option to “Make Template”. 

With one click we made a template from a project that might have spent hours creating. We can now apply this template to any new projects with one click also. How cool is that?

But we’re still not done.


It would not be a RapidStart CRM Addon without some cool dashboards, and we have included a couple here as well.

And we’re still not done!

Interactive Schedule

The RapidStart CRM Project Management Addon includes an interactive Gantt style chart for each project.

We definitely could have stopped here and been better than most options, but we didn’t quite stop yet.

Mobile App

We have also created a Mobile app for your users in the field to quickly and easily record Expenses on Projects and Time on Tasks.


Like everything RapidStart CRM, this is a professionally built addon that is Simple to Use. This addon was a “labor of love” to solve our own common project management challenges.

So, let’s cut to the chase, how much is this incredible app going to cost you? Only $10 per user per month!!!!

You can take a Test Drive or add a free trial of this addon to your RapidStart CRM from AppSource here. You can also find more information about this addon here.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Free Support Forum.

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