RapidStart App – Registration Failed

Sorry for the inconvenience!

The most common reason for registration failure is an environment name mismatch. This can happen if you entered your environment name incorrectly or if you changed your environment name after installing RapidStart Apps.

If you mistyped it, re-register taking care to enter the exact environment name.

If you changed your environment name after installing RapidStart Apps, please follow these steps to reinitiate our system.

Replace “name.crm” below with the information from your environment and paste this entire link in your browser:


On the page that opens, Click the “Funnel” icon 

On the dialog that opens, in the “Look for” box, select “H2 Settings” and click “Results”

Select All items (there may only be one) and click “Delete H2 Setting”, and Log out.

Re-open the RapidStart App. After using it for a bit, you will see the Register message appear again, as our system has recognized this as a new environment.

Re-register after you see the message.

Note: If you change the environment name again, you will need to repeat this process.