RapidStart Apps Purchase and Installation

Purchasing and Installing RapidStart CRM Pro, RapidStart Sales for Dynamics 365, RapidStart Project for Dataverse, or RapidStart Field Service for Dataverse

To install any RapidStart app, you need to have the appropriate Microsoft Power Apps licenses in place which are different from the limited Power Apps capabilities included in Microsoft 365.

You will need either Power Apps Premium, Power Apps Per App, or Power Apps Pay-as-you-go plans. If you do not have these already, you can create a trial or purchase them from Microsoft. Here are the steps.

If you have Microsoft licenses for your users, you can proceed with the following steps.

The process starts from the AppSource Page for the app you are purchasing here.

RapidStart CRM Pro is shown as an example, the steps are the same for any app.



1. You can review the pricing by selecting Plans + Pricing

2. You can take a Test drive by selecting Test drive

3. Select Buy now to initiate the license purchase which will open the following page


Select Next and the following page will open


Confirm the number of users, minimum license purchase is 10, then click Next and the following page will open


Confirm or edit the Microsoft Billing information, and select Accept agreement & place order and the following page will open


Here you can see your RapidStart app licenses. To assign, click on the app name and the following page will open


Select Assign licenses and select the users. Note that the users will need the appropriate Power Apps licensing also.

When you have added the users select Install this product and the following page will open


Select the environment where you want to install the RapidStart app. Note that installation could take several minutes.

After installation is completed, share the news with your users!

To manage your licenses, including adding or removing, or cancelling, go here