Microsoft Partners running on RapidStart CRM

A growing segment of RapidStart CRM users is Microsoft Partners (and one of the top three global distributors). Not just partners working with their customers to deploy RapidStart CRM, which is also growing rapidly, but partners running their own sales and service organizations on RapidStart CRM.

Same Reasons

A Microsoft Partner organization is a business, just like all the other organizations that chose RapidStart CRM. Not only are other Microsoft Partners using RapidStart CRM, but our parent organization, Forceworks Global, a Microsoft Gold Partner led by a Microsoft MVP, also runs all of its sales, service, and support operations on RapidStart CRM.

The two most common paths for organizations using RapidStart CRM are moving up from spreadsheets or moving off of complicated solutions. Microsoft Partners have their share of both. Too many spreadsheets are still floating around, and overly-complicated and under-utilized solutions like Dynamics 365, Connectwise, etc.

Free isn’t Free

Depending on your level of partner benefits, you may have quite a bit of free software from Microsoft. Many partners have Dynamics 365 available at no cost, and so many choose to run their sales and/or service organizations on that. Many suffer the same challenges that any other Dynamics 365 organization suffers, complexity and lack of adoption. Without meaningful adoption, the lack of software cost is irrelevant. Fortunately, even for Microsoft Partners, RapidStart CRM also has no cost!

Over-Complicating the Sales Process

Just like other industries, there are solutions specifically designed for Microsoft Partners. Many of these solutions do excellent license and subscription management, tying APIs back into Microsoft or Distributor CSP systems. This is some complex plumbing that is important to many partners. But when it comes to the basic blocking and tackling of the “Sales” process, these solutions are either no help or overly complicated.

“Sales” is not complicated. It consists of only four things. New Prospects for business, existing Accounts, the Contacts at those Accounts, and Opportunities to sell something to them. Anything added to the above four starts adding complexity, which is the #1 adoption killer.

Over-Complicating the Service Process

SLA Management, Knowledge bases, AI-based resource scheduling, etc., are just noise for most organizations, including Microsoft Partners. Like Sales, “Service” is not complicated. It consists of only three things. Existing Accounts, the Contacts at those Accounts, and Cases to track and resolve issues for them. Anything added to the above three starts adding complexity.

Intentional Simplicity

Take a Test Drive of RapidStart CRM on AppSource, and you will immediately understand what we mean by “Simple-to-Use”.

We challenge you to compare RapidStart CRM side-by-side with any other application you use for Sales and/or Service. We can say that because we already know there is no comparison! We know you will succeed with RapidStart CRM, where other solutions have come up short.

Intentional Complexity

While RapidStart CRM is built around our core concept of “Simple-to-Use”, it is still a fully customizable Model-Driven Power App built on Dataverse… just like Dynamics 365. So nothing keeps you from adding any complexity you deem absolutely “necessary”. Commission tracking, Round-Robin Distribution, Territory Management, etc. there are no limits to extending RapidStartCRM.

Dogfood anyone?

At Forceworks Global, we run our entire Sales, Support, and ISV management operations on RapidStart CRM. We installed it from AppSource! We undoubtedly added quite a bit of “necessary complexity” to meet our unique needs, but it felt good to get off of Dynamics 365. Our new solution is faster, and our capacity footprint is about 1/3 of what it was. As a partner ourselves, we miss nothing.

How can we help?

Depending on your comfort level, you may not need any help from us! But we offer consulting, implementation, migration, and customization services should you need any of those. We would love to see you being so darn happy with RapidStart CRM for your own needs that you start recommending it to your customers… now that would be cool. Hit us up in Chat if you have questions.

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