How2 Documentation

1. Installing How2

a. If you have any RapidStartCRM application or Accelerator you can skip this step as How2 is already included with your app. Start with Step 2.

b. Otherwise, go to Microsoft AppSource to install How2 on the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or PowerApps Model-Driven environment(s) of your choice. Note: The System Administrator role is required to install applications from Microsoft’s AppSource

2. Security Roles

a. For all users that you want to be able to access How2, assign them the “How2 User” security role, in addition to any other roles they have.

b. For those users that you want to be able to change the content source for How2, assign the “How2 Administrator” security role, in addition to the How2 User role.

3. Creating A Stream Channel

a. Login to and select “Channels” from the My Content dropdown.

b. Click on the Plus button in the screen below to create your new channel

c. On the channel creation pane, 1) Give your channel a name, 2) Add an optional description, 3) Select whether this channel will be available to everyone in your company, or create a group, 4) Optionally add your logo, 5) click Create

d. You can now see your new channel. To add videos to it, click on the Videos link.

e. From your library of videos that you have created, select the Square Icon with the plus sign on it to add this video to the channel

f. Select “Channels” from the picklist, and search for your new channel, then select it, and the Video will be added to that channel.

g. To get the url that you will need for How2, go back to your channel list, and click the three dots at the bottom of your channel and select “Share”

h. Click “Embed” at the top of the window, set the order that you want the videos to appear, then copy just the highlighted part of the embed code below (do not use the Copy button). Then you can close this window.

4. Configuring Channels for your App(s)

a. Back in the app that you want to associate this channel to, click on the life preserver icon in the top toolbar to launch How2, and then click on the configure button.
Note: If you don’t see the life preserver icon, you don’t have the How2 User role. If you don’t see the configure button, you don’t have the How2 Admin role.

b. Paste the part of the embed code you copied earlier into the box and click Save. You are done.

Additional Notes

Channel Per App

We built How2 so that you can associate different content channels to different apps so you can create targeted training. Each app your team uses has an App ID under the hood. For example the Enterprise Sales app has a unique ID from the Service App, or any other apps you use, build or buy.

By default How2 for each app will point to the demo video until you have changed it using the configuration button for each app.

Maintain from Stream

Once you have configured a Stream or other channel to an app, you can continue to add, remove or replace videos to that channel and your changes will be displayed in real-time in How2. It is not necessary to reconfigure How2, unless you want to point it to a different channel.

Other Video Channel Options

1. Click here for instructions on how to create a Vimeo Channel.

2. Click here for instructions on how to create a YouTube Channel.

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