Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: An in-depth analysis and buying guide

Choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) software can be tricky, especially when comparing big names like Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM. Wondering which one would work better for your business specifically?

We’ve done the research and tested both of them for three weeks — here’s what we found:

Dynamics 365 is an enterprise CRM solution that covers sales, service, marketing, data, commerce, supply chain, HR, finance, and project management. It offers advanced features like lead scoring, email campaign management, multi-channel customer engagement, and AI assistance for all business domains. Its feature set is tailor-made for large-scale operations, but it might be overkill and an unnecessary expense for smaller businesses, especially if you’re looking for a custom CRM solution.

Meanwhile, SugarCRM focuses on sales, marketing, and service. It offers a unified dashboard to manage customer relationships, email campaigns, Google Ads, social media, and more. It also simplifies renewal management for businesses with subscription-based products or services.

SugarCRM may not be as suited for large-scale operations as Dynamics 365, but it’s a more cost-effective and versatile solution for medium-sized and large businesses.

Both platforms have a high barrier to entry, especially if you’re looking for custom solutions.

That’s why we included RapidStart CRM in this comparison. It’s a low-cost and lightweight Dynamics 365 alternative with an intuitive interface and the essential sales and service tools — a great option for small or medium-sized businesses that want to get up and running quickly.

RapidStart CRM is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, meaning it can integrate with any Dynamics 365 or Power Apps application. Combined with its add-ons and customization services, it’s a perfect option to start small and scale indefinitely.

To get to these high-level summaries, we analyzed and compared Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM in the following areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Customer service
  4. Integrations
  5. Pricing

Let’s go over a summary of each.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Comparison Summary

Dynamics 365SugarCRMRapidStart CRM


Access to a 30-day free trial. Professional plans for different modules start at $50/month per user and Enterprise plans at $95/month per user.


No free plan or trial. Paid plans start at $49/month per user for each module. You have to buy a minimum of 3 seats, and it only supports annual billing.



It’s $5. However, you have to buy a Power Apps license for $20/month per user to run it.




Has all the key features of SugarCRM and RapidStart CRM. Offers data visualization tools + AI insights and suggestions.


Covers the basic features in RapidStart CRM with handy features like “Hint” and renewal management.


Has all the features you need to manage and visualize your sales pipeline, with the flexibility to expand its features.

Customer service



Features in SugarCRM + the most customer communication channels and AI support for agents to speed up their case workflows.


Features in RapidStart CRM + prioritization, routing, collaboration, and self-service features to speed up case resolutions.


Lets you record case details, track their progress in a pipeline, and visualize case activities and metrics on a dashboard.



Create personalized email and SMS campaigns with the help of AI and run A/B tests to optimize performance.



Key features in Dynamics 365 + Google Ads, landing pages, and social media management tools.


No built-in marketing features. However, you can seamlessly integrate it with Dynamics 365 to leverage its powerful features.



Has over 10,000 apps on AppSource to connect with.


Connect with over 200 apps in its marketplace.



Connect with 10,000+ apps on AppSource + 8 custom add-ons + work directly with the team to develop unique apps for your business.


G2: 3.8/5 (1,570+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.3/5 (5,400+ reviews)

G2: 3.8/5 (690+ reviews)

Capterra: 3.8/5 (400+ reviews)

G2: 5.0/5 (2 reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (5 reviews)

AppSource: 5/5 (20 reviews)

Best For
Enterprises looking to manage sales, customer service, marketing, and more at scale using powerful AI tools within the Microsoft ecosystem.Medium to large businesses who want to manage one-time and recurring sales, customer service, and multi-channel marketing on one platform.Small to medium-sized businesses looking to manage sales and customer service with the flexibility to expand as they grow.
Get 30-day free trialPurchase a starter planBuy it


What is Dynamics 365?
“Turn customer data into powerful insights” ??


Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

Since its initial release by Microsoft in 1981 as Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 has evolved through innovation and strategic company acquisitions into a suite of business apps covering CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Dynamics 365’s CRM modules include Sales, Customer Service, and Customer Insights, which work together to streamline customer interactions. These modules are equipped with AI features like lead scoring, relationship analytics, and conversation insights to help you better understand and engage with your customers and improve satisfaction and conversion rates. Since Dynamics 365 is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products — like Microsoft Teams for internal and external communication, Outlook for lead capture via emails, and Power BI for data visualization.

These features make Dynamics 365 ideal for large enterprises that already use Microsoft products, need large-scale ERP modules to manage complex business processes, and want to gain in-depth customer insights to inform strategy and drive decision-making.


What is SugarCRM?
“Harvest leads and create repeat business” ??

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

Former Hewlett-Packard and IBM employees John Roberts, Clint Oram, and Jacob Taylor, started the Sugar Open Source project in 2004, laying the foundation for what would become SugarCRM. About a decade later, the team shifted from the open-source model to a commercial business model.

SugarCRM now includes Sugar Sell for sales and CRM, Sugar Serve for customer service, and Sugar Market for marketing. These modules handle tasks like lead and account management, customer case handling, and marketing across channels like email, Google Ads, and social media. SugarCRM’s unique functionality is keeping tabs on subscription renewals, which is great if your business runs on the subscription model. Also, you can tweak the dashboards to show only what you and your team need to see, helping everyone stay focused and on track.

SugarCRM is useful for businesses that need a CRM tool to manage product subscriptions and renewals and want to manage social media marketing strategies without additional third-party software. 

What is RapidStart CRM?
“Simplify your start, amplify your growth” ??

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM
RapidStart CRM was developed by Forceworks Global and led by Steve Mordue, an expert with over 20 years in the CRM software field and a recognized voice in Microsoft’s business applications.

Forceworks Global offers consulting and development services to help businesses harness the Microsoft Power Platform. They build custom apps or tweak other apps on the platform for specific business needs — like Dynamics 365 by Microsoft and RapidStart CRM by Forceworks Global.

With RapidStart CRM, you get essential features like lead, opportunity, account, contact, and case management to manage your CRM workflows from start to finish. Its handy timeline history feature keeps tabs on past interactions with leads, accounts, and contacts, while the dashboard provides a clear view of your sales and case metrics, making it easier to manage business activities.

RapidStart CRM is a good fit for small to medium-sized businesses that want to get started quickly and easily, with the option of augmenting their CRM platform with Microsoft products or RapidStart’s custom solutions down the line.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Sales

Dynamics 365



(Sugar Sell)

RapidStart CRM


Dynamics 365 is packed with rich, AI-assisted insights.SugarCRM has a comprehensive set of built-in sales features.RapidStart CRM focuses on simplicity with the flexibility to expand.

Lead and opportunity management: RapidStart CRM and SugarCRM cover the basics, while Dynamics 365 is on another level with AI and automation.

Tracking leads, prospects, and opportunities is easy with RapidStart CRM.

When you qualify a prospect, RapidStart CRM creates linked records for their Account, Contact, and Opportunities. From here, you can use the process flow to move new opportunities through the stages of development, proposal, and closing.

Plus, all your inbound and outbound interactions with leads are recorded in the Timeline History section, giving you a clear record of your communications with each prospect.

Besides this core functionality, RapidStart CRM connects with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 to do more — like sending emails and making phone calls directly through Outlook and Microsoft Teams. And if you wish to add any custom lead management features, the RapidStart team can make it happen.


Dynamics 365 offers the same core features as RapidStart CRM and also comes with AI and automation features to help sales reps with clarity and prioritization at larger scales.

One of those features is “lead scoring”. It assigns a score between 1 (less likely to convert) and 100 (most likely to convert) to each lead and helps you identify and target the most qualified leads to increase conversions.

After a Microsoft Teams call, Dynamics 365 compiles conversation insights for each prospect.

You get a call transcript along with action items and metrics like average talking speed, average pause, and talk-to-listen ratio. These insights are valuable for keeping track of important details, scheduling follow-ups, and improving future interactions.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

Similar to Dynamics 365, SugarCRM connects with third-party tools for calling and emailing leads directly from the platform. It also offers process flow and timeline features for a streamlined sales process and keeping track of past activities.

SugarCRM also comes with a unique feature: “Sugar Hint”.

This helps you with information gathering — if you have a lead’s email address, Hint can gather more details such as social media accounts, work information, and company details and auto-fill your CRM. A useful feature for saving research time and personalizing outreach efforts.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

Sales pipeline visualization: RapidStart CRM offers a top-level overview of active opportunities, Dynamics 365 helps you prioritize opportunities, and SugarCRM allows dashboard customization.

RapidStart CRM comes with two default sales dashboards:

  • Sales Metrics: Displays the number and value of the opportunities at every stage in your opportunity pipeline.
  • Sales Activities: Gives you a summary of upcoming activities for your active prospects and opportunities.

If you’re part of a team, you can filter these insights to only focus on your active prospects and opportunities.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

Dynamics 365 offers sales analytics features similar to RapidStart CRM and a deal tracker view.

This view uses bubbles to represent the size of each opportunity and maps them based on their deadlines and likelihood of closing. While it can display thousands of records, you can set up filters to only display opportunities that match specific criteria.

It’s a helpful tool to identify high-value opportunities and focus your efforts on them quickly.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

With SugarCRM, you can create multiple dashboards and share them with specific members or teams.

The dashboards can display:

  • specific customer data,
  • upcoming activities,
  • team reports,
  • and sales insights.

There are three main dashlets for sales insights — a sales pipeline chart to track deal progress, forecasts to predict future sales and a list of top 10 sales for an overview of your most successful deals.

The cool part is that you can resize and rearrange dashlets, giving you complete control over the layout of your dashboard.


Account management: RapidStartCRM comes with simple account organization and management, SugarCRM allows you to manage subscriptions, and Dynamics 365 tracks customer relationship health.

Like Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM, your accounts, contacts, and opportunities are all linked in RapidStart CRM.

So when you open a specific account, you can see all related contacts and opportunities (works in reverse when you open the contacts and opportunities sections).

It also has a unique “Quick Steps” feature that lets you quickly create new contacts, opportunities, and cases related to an account and a tagging feature that allows further flexibility in grouping accounts and tracking patterns in the Hashtags dashboard.


Regarding account management, Dynamics 365 has a relationship analytics tool for evaluating your customer relationships.

It includes a timeline showing your emails, meetings, and phone calls with customers and how your team’s investment in a relationship compares to your customer’s investment.

Dynamics 365 uses AI to summarize your customer interactions — it looks at your current activities and compares them to previous years, pointing out how you can improve interactions to keep clients happy.


Meanwhile, SugarCRM lets you track all the key details about your accounts, including renewal management, which is helpful if you offer subscription products and services.

It tracks the service tiers and next renewal dates for each account to help sales reps follow up at the right time and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM


Winner: RapidStart CRM is best if you’re looking for a simple tool to manage your sales pipeline with the flexibility to expand as you grow, SugarCRM is ideal if you want more flexibility to manage one-time and recurring sales, and Dynamics 365 is best for large enterprises who want powerful insights for taking strategic decisions and managing accounts at scale.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Customer Service

Dynamics 365

(Customer Service)


(Sugar Serve)

RapidStart CRM


Dynamics 365 helps customer service teams with AI insights and recommendations.SugarCRM comes with prioritization and routing capabilities.RapidStart CRM focuses on the basics of customer service management.

RapidStart CRM makes it easy to capture case details and monitor their progress until they are resolved.

Like its Sales module, RapidStart CRM’s Service module has a simple flow for managing your account and contact cases.

It captures new cases and lets you assign them a title, description, case type, and priority and move them through three stages:

  1. Identify,
  2. Research,
  3. and Resolution.

Plus, you can monitor and manage cases with:

  • The Case Metrics dashboard: Visualize active cases, categorized by account and status.
  • The Case Activities dashboard: Track a list of your active and resolved cases.

Once you’ve resolved an issue, you have the option to record the resolution details, which is helpful for quickly addressing similar issues in the future.

If you want to expand RapidStart CRM’s service functionality, you can integrate it with Dynamics 365’s customer service module or collaborate with the RapidStart CRM team for custom add-ons.


SugarCRM lets you set up prioritization and routing rules to boost the productivity of support teams.

In addition to case pipeline management, SugarCRM prioritizes each case (received via live chat, voice, or email) based on service level agreements (SLAs), severity, and priority and routes them to the right support agent based on specific customer needs.

And when you need help from your team, you can use the comments log to collaborate on case resolution.

SugarCRM also offers a self-service portal where your customers can find solutions to their issues without needing to contact the service team. This helps with common cases, which shortens the customer’s journey to a solution and frees up your agent’s time so they can work on more complex issues.


Dynamics 365 opens up more communication channels with customers and speeds up case resolutions with AI.

Dynamics 365’s customer service module comes with all the features the other tools offer and more, but it does have a separate cost.

In addition to voice, chat, and email, you can also engage with customers via SMS, Microsoft Teams, and social channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Apple Messages.

Thanks to Copilot, Microsoft’s AI tool, you can speed up your case workflows by summarizing issues, finding relevant resources to resolve them, and drafting issue resolutions.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM
Winner: While RapidStart CRM has the essentials to help new teams get started quickly and add functionality as they scale, and SugarCRM has everything you’ll need for complete service management, Dynamics 365 is the best of the three with a comprehensive suite of service management tools and AI-augmented features that enable large teams to handle lots of cases efficiently, even at the additional cost.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Marketing

Dynamics 365

(Customer Insights)


(Sugar Market)

RapidStart CRM
Dynamics 365 supports email and SMS marketing.SugarCRM also allows you to do ads and social media marketing.RapidStart CRM supports email and SMS marketing.

Dynamics 365’s Customer Insights lets you distribute targeted campaigns via email, SMS, and push notifications. RapidStart CRM also leverages Customer Insights to do the same.

With Dynamics 365’s marketing feature, Customer Insights, you can target customers using segmentation and triggers. This module has an additional cost.

It lets you create segments based on user attributes and past interactions and set up triggers based on events like new customer records, changes to existing records, or interactions with your website or app.

You can then send personalized communications to target customers via email, SMS, and push notifications and run A/B tests to determine the most effective communication channel or message format. This contributes to a more effective marketing strategy and higher engagement levels.

Meanwhile, Copilot, Microsoft’s AI tool, helps you draft campaign content and generate customer segments, journeys, and insights.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM

RapidStart CRM doesn’t have a marketing module.

However, since it’s built on the Microsoft Power Platform, you can connect it with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Customer Insights module to use its powerful features. If this module isn’t exactly what you want, the RapidStart CRM team will help you design a custom add-on that meets your requirements.

Yet another popular option is connecting RapidStart CRM with emfluence and running your marketing automation platform from there.

SugarCRM includes Google Ads and social media management tools but lacks AI functionality. 

While SugarCRM’s Sugar Market lacks AI capabilities, it has all the key marketing features that Dynamics 365 offers, including customer segmentation, multi-channel engagement, personalized flows, and A/B testing, and also comes with extra functionality.

  • It lets you set up and manage Google Ads, landing pages, and forms to drive opt-ins into your marketing funnel.
  • Its predictive scoring model categorizes leads based on their likelihood of conversion — from “Very likely” to “Not likely” — so you can hand them off to the Sales team at the right time.
  • It also offers a social media management plug-in called Oktopost that lets you publish posts, engage with customers, and track performance across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles from a single dashboard.

Even without AI, SugarCRM’s marketing features are perfect for medium and large businesses that want to streamline customer interactions from a single platform.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM


Winner: Dynamics 365 and RapidStart CRM are perfect for teams who want to focus on driving engagement and conversions via email, SMS, and push notifications. Meanwhile, SugarCRM wins for its comprehensive marketing toolset for attracting leads and managing all customer interactions in one space.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Integrations

Dynamics 365SugarCRMRapidStart CRM
Dynamics 365 has a huge library of integrations.SugarCRM has the least integrations.RapidStart CRM integrates with a lot of third-party apps but also offers affordable custom add-ons and solutions.

SugarCRM has hundreds of integrations in the marketing, CRM, and ERP categories.

SugarCRM lets you connect with over 245 integrations in the SugarCRM Marketplace. These apps span categories like marketing, customer service, ERP, and finance. Some of these include Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Netsuite, Hubspot, Zendesk, QuickBooks Online, and ActiveCampaign.

Dynamics 365’s AppSource has thousands of integrations covering almost any category.

Dynamics 365 connects with its Microsoft products (like Excel, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and PowerBI) and other Dynamics 365 modules (like Customer Voice, Field Service, Human Resources, Project Operation, and Commerce).

Additionally, you have access to over 10,000 apps on AppSource, Dynamics 365’s marketplace. This makes it easy to integrate with any tech stack.

RapidStart CRM connects seamlessly with Microsoft apps, AppSource apps, and its custom add-ons.

Like Dynamics 365, RapidStart CRM is built on the Microsoft Power platform. As a result, it seamlessly integrates with the Office 365 apps, Dynamics 365 modules, and apps on AppSource.

Plus, RapidStart CRM connects with eight ready-made add-ons specifically designed for its CRM system — some popular ones include the Web Contact Form, Competitor Tracking, CSAT, Project Management, Time Sheets, and Field Service modules.

But there’s more.

The RapidStart CRM team is ready to work with you to build any custom add-on you need for your unique business situation.

Winner: RapidStart CRM wins because it offers support for Microsoft products, AppSource apps, and custom add-ons. This allows small to medium-sized businesses to get access to customization services other products would typically offer on enterprise plans.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Pricing 

Dynamics 365SugarCRMRapidStart CRM
Dynamics 365 is scalable but expensive for small and medium-sized businesses.SugarCRM is more affordable than Dynamics 365 but only offers annual subscriptions.RapidStart CRM is $5 for anyone with access to Microsoft PowerApps.

RapidStart CRM has a $5 plan, Dynamics 365 offers a 30-day trial, and SugarCRM has no free plan or trial.

SugarCRM has no free trial, while Dynamics 365 offers a 30-day free trial for all of its apps and modules.

Meanwhile, for $5 RapidStart CRM gives you access to all of its core functions, including the Sales and Service modules. The Settings module, which allows you to control user and team access to the app’s functionality, is also free.

However, you need one of the following Microsoft licenses to run it:

  • Microsoft Power Apps Premium: This is the perfect option if you want to get RapidStart CRM and use Power Apps for other requirements. It costs $20/month per user.
  • Microsoft Power Apps Per App: If you don’t need other Power Apps, you can access RapidStart CRM for only $5/month per user.

Dynamics 365’s plans are expensive, SugarCRM’s are less expensive but don’t offer monthly billing, while RapidStart CRM is made for tight budgets. 

Some modules in Dynamics 365 (like the Sales and Customer Service modules) have Professional and Enterprise licenses. The Professional licenses are cheaper and restrict access to certain Enterprise features:

  • With Sales Professional, you get limited access to key features like predictive scoring and conversation insights and no access to features like forecasting and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Meanwhile, the Customer Service Professional limits access to analytics and locks access to workflow automation and customization. Without customization, you can’t integrate with other Microsoft Power Apps.

Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365

(Customer Service)

Dynamics 365

(Marketing – Customer Insights)

Enterprise$95/month per user$95/month per userStarts at $1,700/month per tenant
Professional$65/month per user$50/month per user

Dynamics 365 also offers other ERP modules to cover project operations, human resources, commerce, finance, and supply chain to extend the functionality of your CRM.

SugarCRM’s plans (except for Sugar Market) can only be purchased for a minimum of 3 users. Plus, while the pricing is listed per month, the billing is done annually.

Sugar SellSugar ServeSugar Market

$49/month per user

(3 users minimum, 5 users max)

Starts at $80/month per user

(3 users minimum)

Starts at $1,000/month for 10K contacts

(unlimited users)


$85/month per user

(3 users minimum)


$135/month per user

(10 users minimum)

As mentioned earlier, the Sales and Service modules in the core RapidStart CRM platform are free. There’s currently no marketing module, but you can purchase Dynamics 365’s marketing module and integrate it with the platform. The custom RapidStart CRM add-ons are either free or cost $5 to $10/month per user.

If can customize the RapidStart CRM platform with internal and external add-ons.

Winner: RapidStart CRM is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses while providing flexibility for rapidly growing businesses to tailor their expenses according to their needs as they scale.

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Pros & Cons

Dynamics 365 ProsDynamics 365 Cons
✅ 30-day free trial❌ No Low Cost plan
✅ Lots of integrations❌ Expensive for small businesses
✅ Comprehensive AI insights❌ Steep learning curve for new users
✅ Integrates easily in Microsoft ecosystems
✅ Deploy in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid  environments


SugarCRM ProsSugarCRM Cons
✅ Customizable dashboards❌ No low cost plan or trial
✅ Landing page and form builder❌ Monthly billing isn’t available
✅ Google Ads and social media management❌ Interface may feel overwhelming to newbies
✅ Manage account renewals❌ Customer support can be a hit or miss
✅ Team collaboration tools


RapidStart CRM ProsRapidStart CRM Cons
✅ Minimalist and intuitive interface❌ No native AI functionality
✅ Access all features for $5❌ Limited out-of-the-box features
✅ Integrates with all Microsoft apps
✅ Low-cost custom add-ons
✅ Track sales activities and metrics on dashboards

Dynamics 365 vs SugarCRM vs RapidStart CRM: Final Verdict

Dynamics 365SugarCRMRapidStart CRM

Best for:

Enterprises that already use Microsoft products and are looking for an extensive CRM tool with AI insights to handle large-scale operations

Best for:

Medium to large businesses looking for a comprehensive CRM tool to manage one-time and recurring sales

Best for:

Small to mid-size businesses looking for a simple and affordable CRM tool that can scale with them as they grow


Dynamics 365’s lead scoring, relationship analytics, and AI customer insights make it perfect for personalized customer management and engagement on large scales. SugarCRM’s landing page, Google Ads, social media, and renewal management features are ideal for businesses looking to manage all their customer interactions from a single platform. Meanwhile, RapidStart CRM’s intuitiveness and simple sales and service management features make it easy to get started with customer management with the option to customize it to your business needs as you scale.

Use Dynamics 365 if:

  • You’re a large enterprise
  • You want to integrate your CRM tool with Microsoft apps
  • You need AI-powered customer insights to make strategic decisions

Click here to get started with Dynamics 365!

Use SugarCRM if:

  • You’re a medium to large business with a big budget
  • You need a tool with subscription and renewals management
  • You want a multi-purpose CRM tool for managing landing pages, Google Ads, and social media

Click here to get started with SugarCRM!

Use RapidStart CRM if:

  • You’re a small to medium-sized business on a budget
  • You want a CRM tool that’s super easy to get started with
  • You want to customize your CRM with Microsoft apps and unique add-ons as you grow

Click here to get started with RapidStart CRM!

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