Advanced Development for RapidStart CRM Plus, or Dynamics 365. Part 2

The Customizations Solution

Microsoft uses a concept called “Solutions”. Solutions are basically just containers for customizations. RapidStart CRM is a solution of customizations that we have created to make RapidStart CRM.  You will now create your own solution to contain any customizations you make to RapidStart CRM. This solution will also hold any additions you create. This solution will keep things organized as well as provide a vehicle to safely transport your customizations to your production environment. When the person doing this leaves, the next person only needs to look at the solution to see what has been done.

To begin, we’ll go to and select the sandbox environment we created in the last post.

You can see your copied RapidStart CRM solution as well as any other solutions that may have been copied over. Click on “+New solution”. Do this even if you previously created a solution, as we will ensure it is done correctly, and we will use this one to take care of any existing issues.

Give your new solution a relevant name, and click to add a new publisher.

Give your publisher a relevant name and a prefix. This prefix will be appended to everything you create and will make it easy to identify those items later. Then click “Save”.

Select the Publisher you just created and click “Create”

You can now see your new solution. This is where 100% of your customizations should be created and live. Right now, there is nothing in it. In the next post, we will add an existing component.


In this Part 2 we have created a solution to hold your customizations. In part 3, we will continue in this solution by adding components to be customized. 

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