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With RapidStart CRM, you can customize anything and extend the functionality even further. How far? To quote Buzz Lightyear, “To Infinity and Beyond!”. 

To significantly reduce the customization cost and time, you could consider pre-built Addons from Microsoft’s AppSource.

No More Spreadsheets!

Completely customizable and upgradable, so you can never outgrow RapidStart CRM.


Microsoft’s AppSource has many addons and integrations for all of Microsoft’s cloud products. Many can be installed directly on RapidStart CRM. We have tested the addons below for compatibility with RapidStart CRM. Some are free, and some have a cost. Some are plug-and-play, and some will require some configuration work from your partner, or we can assist you with that. “Tested” means that the addon version was successfully installed on a new environment with RapidStart CRM installed.

This directory was recently released and we are in the process of testing and adding to it, please check back regularly.

Legend:   GREEN   means the Addon is Free,   ORANGE   means the addon has a cost,   BLUE   means the addon connects to a service that has a cost.

Our Powerful Low-Cost Apps & Addons

RapidStart CRM Business Central Addon

Add CRM to Business Central for only $10 per user!
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Version: TBD

RapidStart Project

A Complete Project Management Solution for only $10 per user!
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RapidStart Field Service

A Complete Field Service Solution for only $10 per user!
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Featured Addons from other companies that are Certified to work with RapidStart CRM

We worked together with these companies to ensure their apps perform perfectly with RapidStart CRM.


The emfluence Marketing Platform created by marketers for marketers features advanced marketing capabilities. Marketing automation, email marketing, website tracking, social media, landing pages, surveys, forms, reporting, and more can be leveraged with RapidStart CRM to power your marketing strategy completely.

Version: 3.0


Experian’s certified data validation app is the fastest way to capture, standardize, validate, and enrich postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers globally in real-time within your RapidStart CRM.

Version: 4


Integrate your RapidStart CRM with QuickBooks to Optimize your Order-to-Cash process, turning revenue into cash sooner, Get near real-time data, make better account-based and sales decisions, and Eliminate errors and optimize resources reducing double data entry, errors, and reconciliation time.

Version: 4


Touchdown is a rich and intuitive marketing suite for RapidStart CRM. Create email & SMS campaigns and build automated scenarios, web forms, and events directly within your CRM.

Version: 1.0.35


DBSync’s Cloud Data Management Platform helps get your data out of Shopify and into RapidStart CRM so that you can leverage all of the marketing automation and customer retention tools.

Version: 1.0

EasyTerritory EasyMap

EasyTerritory EasyMap is a PowerApp (PCF) that allows sales reps and field service dispatchers create optimized routes and schedules on an interactive map.  EasyMap leverages Microsoft’s Azure Maps and integrates seamlessly with RapidStart CRM.

Version: 2.0

Addons and Accelerators from Microsoft that work with RapidStart CRM

There are no doubt others, these are just the ones we have had time to test.

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook works perfectly with RapidStart CRM. Bringing you full Outlook connectivity

Nonprofit Accelerator

The Nonprofit Accelerator is built on the Common Data Model for Nonprofits, an open-source data schema that reflects industry best-practices for non-profits.

Business Central Virtual Tables

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Table is a virtual data source in Microsoft Dataverse allowing Create, Read, Update and Delete operations from RapidStartCRM against Dynamics 365 Business Central. 


Education Accelerator

The Education Accelerator is built on the Common Data Model for Education, an open-source data schema that reflects industry best-practices for K-12 and Higher Education.

Export to data lake

The Export to data lake service enables continuous replication of Dataverse entity data to Azure Data Lake Gen 2 which can then be used to run analytics such as Power BI reporting

Version: 1.0

Addons from other companies that work with RapidStart CRM

There are no doubt many others, these are just the ones we have had time to try.

Zoom for Dynamics 365

Zoom Phone increases efficiency and improves overall customer experience by streamlining key workflows with inbound screen pops, contact management, click-to-call, and automatic call logging. 

Version: 1.0

So Many Apps… So Little Time…

We proactively look for and test apps with RapidStart CRM when we have time. If you would like to suggest one for testing, either because you want to use it or own it, use the form below to get it on our radar.

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